Call Pavilion

Cocktail Bar

The spectacular cocktail bar at Kensington Pavilion – which we’re proud to say is one of the very best in London – serves a collection of classic and signature cocktails, wines, beers and Champagnes. Classic cocktail twists include an ‘All day 3 Martini lunch’ – an innovative trilogy of martinis served with edible garnishes – and an “Absinthe Frappe” made with cucumber and citrus oils.

Designed with Marquina marble, brass inlays and a delicately profiled pewter top, the bespoke bar also features a brass wine gantry and dramatic illuminated glass pillars reminiscent of the 1930’s.

The cocktail bar is stocked using small independent suppliers and offers its own menu throughout the day, ideal for business lunches, pre and post dinner drinks or nightcaps.

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